Repair & Maintenance Services for Boats & Yachts

Mobile marine repair services throughout Upper and Middle Florida Keys

Repair, Installation and Upgrade Services for Boats

Engine Services

2 stroke and 4 stroke outboard engine repair services. Keys Marine Service provides the best on-site boat services throughout the Florida Keys.

Sign up for our Monthly Maintenance Plan

We offer a monthly boat maintenance plan for your convenience. Our team will come out once a month to check on your vessel. On our monthly on-site boat service visit we will flush out the fuel/water separator, flush out the engine with fresh water, check on fuel quality & oil quality, test batteries, and check on bilge pumps. 

We offer hands-on, full engine diagnostics & compression tests.
Pre-Buy Inspection

Don’t buy a boat without a pre-buy full inspection from bow to stern. Know what you are getting from the experts! We inspect engines, hulls, electronics and much more! 

We offer install of all types of electronics, from GPS, sound systems, led lights, bilge pumps, navigation lights, underwater lights, gauges, pumps, and more.
We also offer control panel upgrades! This includes a fully custom-made panel with a led backlight, the name of your boat, and much more!
Power Pole Installations

Make anchoring easier with a power pole installation.

Marine Upholstery Installation & Repair

Get your boat looking brand new again with custom re-upholstery repairs and upgrades!

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